Healthcare Practice Management Advisor – Spring 2024

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Can you use AI in your medical practice?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform many fields, including health care. This article points out that potential applications of AI range from assistance in selecting research topics to helping professionals in clinical and laboratory diagnosis. It also notes that while some limitations and ethical problems regarding the use of AI haven’t yet been resolved, the possible positive impact of AI may eventually outweigh the negatives. AI tools may help create more efficiencies, resulting in cost savings for both medical practices and their patients. A sidebar lists some best practices for using chatbots in health care.


As medical costs increase, practice costs must come down

Cost increases caused by rising wages, rapid technological advancements and a scarcity of clinical workers are making it harder for physician practices to maintain profitability. This article explains that medical practices can help matters by looking for ways to increase revenue and improve operations. The article suggests several steps to take, including regularly scheduled workflow analyses to catch inefficiencies and redundancies as well as ensuring that the physical space of the practice is being used effectively and efficiently.


Fairness in collections: A primer

Although job security has improved over the past few years, especially in some fields, many people still struggle to pay their medical bills. This article suggests that medical practices need to be aware of the societal, cultural and insurance issues patients are dealing with to ensure collection practices are fair while also remaining effective. It discusses the root causes of collection problems and the importance of having conversations upfront with patients about billing, fees and their balances. It also notes the pros and cons of setting up payment programs with patients.


Cultivating both sides of your medical practice

Patient care is a medical practice’s primary purpose and, as such, it should be at the heart of its business strategy. This article notes that the business side of a practice must be strong and efficient enough to sustain and support the care it offers patients. It suggests that the two are intertwined, and both need to be cultivated simultaneously. It goes on to explain some ways to create a multifaceted approach that addresses all aspects of a practice’s operations to ensure that it thrives over the long term.


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